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This book actually has two presentations in it. The first presentation addresses the subtitle topic of "Why Having Only 'One-way' to GOD Makes Sense." It also addresses "Why having 'Many-ways" to God makes no sense. The second presentation is in the form of an "Endnote." It serves to refute a belief that hopefully no Christian holds, but it a belief that is held by some non-Christian religious groups. That belief is that God, the Son, had to die on the cross with Jesus, the man.
Last Call?: Do You Know Why
Having Only "One-way" To GOD Makes Sense?
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This book also includes some brief comments on topics indicated by the following seven presentation titles:

1) Can you prove the credibility of the Bible for yourself?
2) Did God define spiritual death in the Bible?
3) Did God define the Trinity in the Bible?
4) Did God use evolution to create Adam and Eve?
5) Does man have a body, a soul, and a spirit?
6) Was the Adam-before-Eve probably different from the Adam-after-Eve?
7) What might the resurrected-glorified body of Jesus consist of?

These seven presentations are in John's first book and/or second book.

a) His first is titled: "Last call?: Are You Really Serving GOD?"
b) His second is titled: "Last Call?: A Christian Challenge to Atheists, Agnostics, and Skeptics!"